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Saturator for lemonade

Saturator for lemonade
  • Saturator for lemonade
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Brand:Соки Ретро
Country of manufacture:Russia
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All know that sale of water on the street is very favorable seasonal business!

Lemonade and kvass in pouring during a season are rather small investments and always very good profit. The main thing in this business high passability, weather, the high-quality equipment and tasty drinks.

The automatic machine for sale of water in pouring (a saturator for lemonade) is the set of the equipment consisting from: a saturator, a column of pouring of water, the crane for water, hoses, a reducer and a gas cylinder.

In addition to installation which will provide sale of cold sparkling water you can get dispensers for syrups "Flask Retro". Flask retro price here

Syrup for lemonade the price here

Equipment   Price (rub)
Saturator, productivity - 70 l/hour 80 000,00
Additional equipment: pouring column, pouring crane, CO2 reducer, hoses, collars 10 000,00
Additional contour of cooling of additional drink, pouring column on 2 cranes, a double reducer, hoses, collars 15 000,00
The gas cylinder which is vertically standing 4 900,00


The most important element of the equipment is a saturator!

Saturator is a cooler which aerates water or a powerful siphon with water cooling function.

Small dimensions of a saturator allow to deliver its baud a bar counter or in a beater bar (counter).

  • height is 69,5 cm
  • width is 36,5 cm
  • depth is 58,4 cm

As our enterprise is very tightly specialized, we do not dare to save on details and spare parts.

Saturatora are made from the qualitative completing leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Saturator accessories:

  • the reliable pump of high pressure Procon, works without the additional pressure of water. It means that you have an opportunity to work from a large bottle. During the work from a water supply system the reducer lowering water pressure in the water highway is necessary.
  • powerful hladoagregat the Spanish production cools water at the strongest heat, has a possibility of adjustment of temperature
  • the carbonizer is made of food stainless steel. Does not burst. Water has no additional unpleasant smells and taste of plastic as at low-quality analogs.
  • John Guest fitting - the country England producer. Are convenient in use, are certified for work with drinking water.

We connect the equipment, we advise buyers at independent connection, we provide technical support.


Brand:Соки Ретро
Country of manufacture:Russia
Productivity: 70 l/h
Information is up-to-date: 28.06.2020
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Unbelievable price on Saturator for lemonade in Moscow (Russia) company SIROP RETRO, OOO VKUSNYE NAPITKI.