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Saturator for shops

Saturator for shops
  • Saturator for shops
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85000 RUB
Brand:Соки Ретро
Country of manufacture:Russia

Our device works from a water supply system!

The term of production is 2-3 weeks.

Basic complete set - 85 000 rub:
- delivery of the cold not aerated and sparkling water;
- a niche from stainless steel with a stakanomoyka;
- two-level system of a filtration (mechanical and coal cleaning);
- the metal case with waterproof powder coloring;
- reducer water lowering;
- reducer gas;
automatic switches;
- the self-soaking-up pump;
- a flexible eyeliner - plastic tubes, are certified for work with foodstuff

Additional functions:
- delivery of podsolyonny water - 3500 rub;
- additional filters of cleaning (obezzhelezivatel, UF disinfecting, softener);
- capacity for storage and delivery of disposable glasses;
- the case from stainless steel

About the device:
- All knots and units of the device are available and easily are under repair.
- Lines of distribution of water in the device are connected through plastic tubes and a fitting of JohnGuest firm, certified for work with foodstuff.
- The strong corrosion-proof flask of a carbonizer is safe, will serve long. Drinking water does not gain the characteristic "plastic" smack which is found at the carbonizers executed from a flask for the filter over time.
- The coil is made of stainless steel. (Some irresponsible producers in the old manner use copper tubes that is unsafe for health)
- A clear advantage of our device is existence of the self-soaking-up pump.

- The device is delivered in complete sets, the fast input of the equipment allowing to provide in operation.
- Connection of the device (an input of tap water and the sewerage) is carried out through a pipe 1/2".
For the accelerated and facilitated transportation the device has high legs and a thick bottom (for use of an auto-loader).

Distinctive features of our equipment:
- The American self-soaking-up pump "Prokon", the American engine of the pump "Prokon"
- Spanish hladoagregat
- A carbonizer from stainless steel
- The volume of a carbonizer is 2 l
- net volume of a carbonizer 1,3l
- The coil is executed their stainless steel
- System of the connections "John Gest" - England
- The bathtub is made of plastic of low pressure. Teploizolirovanna (zapenenna)
- Teploizolirovanna tubes rubber material
- Powder coloring

Brand:Соки Ретро
Country of manufacture:Russia
Productivity: 70 l/h
Information is up-to-date: 10.12.2018
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