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Brand:ООО Вкусные напитки
Country of manufacture:Russia

The post-mix for syrups is the equipment which aerates, cools and mixes water with syrup at the same time.

The McDonald's and Burger King works at Postmiksa.

It is necessary for work with Postmiks: syrup for lemonade, water from a large bottle or a water supply system, CO2 gas, electricity.

We release Postmiksa of two types, Postmiks mechanical and Postmiks automatic.

The post-mix works from a large bottle and from a water supply system!

The reducer lowering pressure in water network as the maximum pressure of water on an entrance to the device has to be no more than 1,5 atmospheres is necessary for work from a water supply system (0 to 0.2 MPas)

aksimalny pressure of water on an entrance to the device has to be no more than 1,5 atmospheres (0 to 0.2 MPas)


POST-MIX MECHANICAL On 3 drinks On 4 drinks On 5 drinks
160 500,00 177 500,00 194 500,00


POST-MIX AUTOMATIC MACHINE On 3 drinks On 4 drinks On 5 drinks
215 000,00 240 000,00 260 000,00


The reducer lowering water pressure
it is necessary since water pressure on an entrance
no more than 1,5 Atmospheres
 5 000,00
Gas cylinder 4 900,00
Filters for Akvafor drinking water:
- filter fur. cleanings - 1 piece,
- the coal filter - 1 piece.
- a set of a fitting - 1 set.
5 000,00


The post-mix consists from:

  • The case from stainless steel
  • Automatic system with portion giving of drink (pressed the button and left)
  • Pumps are syrupy
  • Reducer on 2 adjustable exits
  • Gas cross, set of collars, hoses
  • Kaplesbornik
  • Brix set for setup of cranes
  • Pump of high pressure of the USA
  • Engine of the pump of the USA
  • Hladoagregat Spain
  • Carbonizer from stainless steel;
  • Quick-detachable connection of John Guest (England) is used;
  • Cranes - flomatic
  • The coil is executed their stainless steel
  • The bathtub is made of plastic of low pressure
  • Bathtub of a teploizolirovann (zapenenn)
  • The tubes heatisolated by material on the basis of rubber - a heater to-flex. Does not crumble!

Overall dimensions of ShhGhV: 720х465х525 mm

Weight is from 50 to 60 kg

Capacity is 70 l/hour, i.e. 1л/мин/¼¿¡

Power consumption is from 0,2 to 0,8 KW

You can buy syrup for Postmiks in canisters also from us!

You watch the price of syrup for Postmiks here

Brand:ООО Вкусные напитки
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 10.12.2018
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